(VIDEO) Crazy Car Project: an electric Toyota 2000GT (2000GT SEV)

This article is an update of January 14th article with more informations on the car (specs) and the video in English.

For the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon, Crazy Car Project has converted Toyota’s first sports car -born in 1967- in an electric vehicle fitted with solar panels.

A project designed in partnership with the Toyota Automobile Association
Only 337 units of the Toyota 2000GT were produced in the world.

Toyota_2000GT_SEV (4).jpg 

The 2000GT SEV receives an Alcantara interior, solar panels on the hood and a specific  dashboard redesigned to incorporate new meters specific to the electric powertrain... A tribute to the past with the best of today's technologies.

Original, in addition to conventional combustion engine noise, the car can reproduce the sound of a rocket, plane, or even a horse (questionable idea!) ...

Although the car remains powerfull -with 161hp, reachs a top speed of 200kph and features a 35kWh battery that should allow a comfortable range- some collectors may not like this conversion...

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