Daimler and Nissan will produce four cylinders together in the U.S

Following initial alliances and agreements between the two groups, their cooperation reaches a next step.

Two main informations in this release :

-The Infiniti Etherea will use the same platform as the A-Class and will be equipped with four-cylinder produced in the United States.
-Confirmation of the Twingo ZE (electric) in 2014

In details :

The plant located in Decherd, Tennessee will produce Mercedes-Benz’s four-cylinder petrol engine for Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz in 2014 ...

A 4-cylinder... for Infiniti? This gives some information on future engines of the Etherea which is the only model of the brand (the smallest) that could welcome a four-cylinder...

The collaboration between Daimler and the Alliance Renault-Nissan began in April 2010 on three main pillars :

-Creating a common platform for the Twingo and the next four-seater Smart
-An all new entry-level van for Mercedes, with a launch scheduled for late 2012
-An exchange of know-how, the Alliance provides Twingo’s three-cylinder petrol engines that will be used in the Smarts, while Daimler provides 4 and 6 cylinder gasoline and diesel engines with automatic transmissions to equip Nissan and Infinit commercial and passenger vehicles.

This initial collaboration has quickly been extended :

-The Etherea will use the platform of Mercedes’ compact vehicles (A-Class / B-Class)
-Collaboration on electric mobility for launches in 2014: Smart (ForTwo ED but maybe the ForFour also?) and Twingo ZE, Daimler taking care of the development and production of batteries, and Renault-Nissan focuses on electric motors .. .

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