(VIDEO) Detroit 2012: hybrid sports-car, Acura NSX - Honda NSX

Here it is finally... Honda reveals the lines and some informations on the hybrid powertrain of the new Honda NSX, under the Acura badge.

The Acura NSX is the supercar of the next generation or the next generation of supercar if you prefer ...
This hybrid sports-car that had been spotted on the set of the movie the Avengers just debuted in Detroit.

Acura_NSX_Detroit2012 (6).jpg

Its structure is based on the use of lightweight materials, it is powered by a VTEC V6 with direct injection, combined with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology (Super Handling All Wheel Drive), understand a 4-wheel drive intelligent transmission.

Two electric motors are placed on the front axle –with bilateral torque adjustable system-they provide ideal handling, the V6 is located in the back. The car also features a dual clutch transmission.

Acura_NSX_Detroit2012 (6).jpg

Unfortunately no figures are revealed yet, apart from its dimensions: 4.33m long, 1.89 wide and 1.16 high...

However, I hope you're not too eager to put yourself behind the wheel, as the car won’t hit showrooms before three years at least...

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