(VIDEO) NAIAS 2012: new hybrid Ford Fusion/Mondeo available in Europe in 2013

It is now confirmed the Mondeo will be offered in hybrid version prefigured by the Fusion which receives not one but two hybrid powertrains, classic hybrid and plug-in hybrid (energi).

Its final design is more sober and simple than the ones envionned by the Evos concept but remain aggressive and streamlined.

Like the Focus, which "revolutionized" the compact segment offering advanced technology for a reasonable price, Ford's strategy here will be the same by placing their sedan as an excellent value to access the best technologies of today and tomorrow: lane assist, adaptive cruise control, semi-automatic parking, detection of blind spots and an app./interface Ford MyTouch.

On the Ford Fusion presented in the United States for the Detroit Auto Show, three types of propulsion are available, gasoline, Hybrid and plug-in Hybrid, with automatic or manual transmission and start-stop system. The objective: hold the efficiency record in each category.

EcoBoost Gasoline: 1.6l and 2.0l with performances not so extraordinary for our European standards: a consumption of 37mpg on the highway for the 1.6l (6.4l/100km).

Hybrid: a 2.0l Atkinson-cycle four cylinder
Vmax in electric only 100kph
Lithium-Ion battery instead of NiMH previously
47mpg city and 44mpg highway (5 and 5.3l/100km)


The Plug-in hybrid: announces an equivalent of 100 MPGe better than the Volt and the Prius Plug-in

Ford_Fusion_Energi (3).jpg

The new Ford Mondeo will be available in Europe in 2013 "with specific equipment and engines"

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