(VIDEO) NAIAS 2012: VW Jetta Hybrid, 170hp and 5.2l/100km (45mpg)

Alongside the E-Bugster concept, Volkswagen also present the Jetta Hybrid, a vehicle designed primarily for the United States and Canada, where it will available from November 2012 before arriving in Europe.


Equipped with a 1.4l TSI gasoline engine delivering 150hp and 210Nm of torque, it is combined to a 27kW electric motor (37ch), for an estimated fuel economy around the 5.2l per 100km (45mpg) while boasting a combined power of 170 hp and a 0 to 100kph close to 9 seconds...

The Hybrid Jetta features a 7 speed DSG gearbox, regenerative braking technology and can drive in electric only for 2km at speeds up to 70kph.


The combustion engine automatically switches off when the vehicle is stopped or when the driver does not use throttle (free wheel) at speeds up to 135kph (84mph).

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