Delhi Auto Expo: 4 alternative fuel concept-cars for Tata Motors

At the New Delhi Auto Expo, which opens tomorrow, Tata Motors reveals -among a series of new models and concept-cars- four concept vehicles with alternative propulsion systems: natural gas, hybrid and also hydrogen.

Let’s start with the Tato Nano CNG Concept or the low-emissions version of the low-cost car, with an equivalent consumption under 4l/100km for emissions of 92.7g/km, the Nano offers the bi-carburation CNG Gasoline, with capacities of respectively 35l and 15l, however its weight increases at 1010kg instead of 600kg for the first versions of the Nano.


Tata Indigo Manza hybrid concept (hybrid-diesel)
Here is the brand’s technological spearhead, the Indigo Manza hybrid sedan that features regenerative braking, start/stop and the ability to drive in 100% electric mode (Serial Hybrid).
It also features solar hybrid panels on the roof and gets a 7-inch infotainment system.
Technology demonstrator, but not only, the Manza hybrid also reveals the new design language of the brand, more aggressive, with Xenon lights and LEDs.


Its 1.0l diesel engine is combined to a 45kW electric motor, with an automatic transmission weight stands at 1250kg. Its total power or consumption are not revealed, but its emissions are announced at 90g/km and the 44l tank should offer a comfortable range.

Tata Starbus Fuel-Cell Concept (Hydrogen)
Created as part of a project of the Indian government this bus that features air suspension can carry 30 people at a maximum speed of 70kph.
Its electric motor develops a continuous 114hp (250hp in peak) for 1050Nm of torque
Originality, its 4 hydrogen tanks are placed on the roof, they offer a capacity of 14.5kg (820l)


Let’s conclude with minivan, the Magic Iris CNG
With only 2.96m and a weight of 1180kg, it’s 13hp and 37Nm 611cm3 engine allows a 220 km range thanks to 9kg of CNG.

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