(VIDEO) New Citroen C1, 99g/km and 4.3l/100km (2012)

Like its cousin, the Peugeot 107 revealed a few hours ago the Citroen C1 2012 gets facelift.

Launched in 2005, 620.000 units of Citroen’s small compact-car have been sold since, it was time for a makeover and a an updated (greener) engine.

It is at the Brussels Motor Show which starts next week (Press days on January 10 and public opening on the 12) that it will be revealed a world premiere, the changes are focused on the front-end with new optics and LEDs, redesigned bumpers, it hood differs from the one of the 107.


3 or 5 doors, the Citroen C1 welcome 4 people in 3.44m long, the 68hp and 93Nm 1.0l with manual or automatic gearbox allows fuel consumption and emissions of respectively 4.3l and 4.5l/100km for 99 and 104g/km

It is also more in accordance the times and its customers with new interior features and options such as MP3 player and Bluetooth (Connecting Box) with jack and USB port.
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