(VIDEO) Electric Motorcycle: BRD RedShift first impressive tests

We mentioned the company in our article on the most expected electric two-wheelers in 2012. For the new year BRD gives a quick debriefing of 2011 which saw both the birth of the first sketches and the build of the first prototypes for the brand.

BRD RedShift.jpg

At the inception BRD is a team of 4 people, 10 months ago they started from a blank sheet and a 46hp electric motor with a power density (power/weight ratio) unknown until then.

Supported by family and friends BRD decided to build the prototypes directly with the final design, saving time and money.

The result is impressive and bodes only good for the future.

BRD has already received 700 pre-order and confirms that production will start in the year.
Here's a video of the first prototypes build before some testing of the SuperMoto version.

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