(VIDEO) XC60 Plug-in: Volvo's hybrid offensive for NAIAS 2012

While the V60 Plug-in (hybrid diesel) will be available from this year, Volvo has decided to present a gasoline plug-in hybrid version of their small SUV the XC60 at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show which opens its doors next Monday.
It will be based on the same technology, a hybrid powertrain with the combustion engine powering the front wheels and an electric motor positioned on the rear axle offering 4-wheel drive.

A concept-car created for the U.S. market (as well as Russian and Chinese) because of its size and gasoline engine... But Volvo manages to get impressive specs with a powertrain that is as frugal and green as the diesel version, with more power!

Volvo_XC60_Plug-in (2).jpg

The gasoline engine is a 280hp 4 cylinder combined to a 70hp electric motor for a total output of 350hp.

Fitted with a 12kWh battery pack, the range in full electric is 45km, while the combined fuel consumption and emissions stand at just 2.3l/100km (100mpg) for 53g/km (NEDC cycle), a combined range of 965km (600miles)!
Volvo_XC60_Plug-in (2).jpg  
"Our goal is to be a leading brand within fuel efficiency,"  
" In the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid we emphasize how a blend of state-of-the-art combustion technology and innovative electrification can be an unbeatably attractive bridge to a future where the all-electric cars become more established in the market." 
Stefan Jacoby CEO of Volvo Car Corporation

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