BASF invests $ 30 million in biofuels (Renmatix)

Having already attracted $ 30 million in a first round in September, Renmatix has raised an additional $ 50 million with their patented technology called Plantrose.

This process, based on biomass is the least expensive known for now to create cellulosic sugar using supercritical hydrolysis. It does not use any chemical products during the reaction, just the water as solvent.

It reduces the production costs known with enzyme processes thanks to a different technique used in the pharmaceutical industry or simply the production of coffee, and opens the door to the production in large quantities at competitive costs.


Two main steps :
-Fractionation of biomass and separation of the remaining solids which contain cellulose and lignin. 
-Cellulose hydrolysis with supercritical water (high temperature and pressure)

The process Plantrose is also much faster, the reaction taking only a few seconds instead of several days ...

Biofuels which could then be used in vehicles, but also in the chemical industry ...
Another significant advantage of this technology is that it does not rely on edible plants but wood, cane trash or straw...

Here is a comparison with the existing techniques to produce biofuels

Via GigaOM/Renmatix
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