Facundo Elias develops a range-extender go-kart

Dubbed Thesis, this project designed by Facundo Elias did not remain a drawing on a piece of paper for long and came to life thanks to the will of Facundo.

The goal is to offer a greener go-kart with good performance.
Of course there are electric karts such as the Sodi STX Karts, which made a demo during the ERDF Masters Kart but in a commercial use, the range can become a problem and operators must have a large fleet of vehicles to be able to offer rental to groups 10hours a day (range of 15min in race conditions and 30 minutes fast charging)

tesis 1.jpg

Facundo had the idea to develop a Go-Kart with range extender, a 4stroke 160cc engine that develops 5.5ch provides electricity the batteries once they are depleted.

The real engine that drives the wheels is an electric motor of 5.5kW and 30Nm, offering one hour of range on the batteries and up to 4 hours in combined mode (despite the small gas tank of only 4l).
At night, batteries can be recharged in 6 hours on the 220V

tesis 3.jpg

This Kart is innovating not only on technical part with an hybrid drive train but also in the elements used with a chassis designed to accommodate the engines as discreetly as possible and with the best weight distribution.

The Thesis is also more comfortable with a seat designed to overcome the classic  problems of kart drivers, it is fiberglass and recycled polypropylene. 

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