(VIDEO) The solar boat Planet Solar is in Qatar

MS Turanor, the solar boat that left for a world tour in September 2010 is soon coming to the end of its journey, here's a quick summary of the past month for the Planet Solar crew which is in its 462nd day of cruise.

After a long stop in Singapore, following a passage in extreme weather conditions, the boat went in drydock for a full maintenance, in order to complete the journey in optimal conditions.

From Singapore, the crew crossed the Strait of Malacca towards Phuket, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Goa and Bombay, before heading to Qatar.


Now stationed in Doha, where it takes advantage of the sun to recharge, the crew has 4000 nautical miles to cover (7400km) before the first world tour in a solar boat ends in Monaco. 
About two months should be necessary with an average distance of 100Nm per day and a few stops...

Here is a photo gallery of the past month.

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