(VIDEO) SeaBird by Aquaventure, a towed submarine that maneuvers like a jet fighter

We have already presented several submarines some of which also integrated our directory.

Here is a new alternative, faster and more accessible than others, just like the InneSpace SeaBreacher but able to reach greater depths. Versatile it is as much a fun and recreational vehicle than a different way to dive and discover the seabed.


Attached to a boat that pulls your ship, according to its designers the SeaBird apparently behaves like a jet, and therefore AquaVenture offers to veteran pilots the possibility to become instructors.

The first units will be available in two-seater models from $ 195,000, while a one person version will be available later.

The SeaBird can reach a depth of 150 feet (45m) and a speed of 25mph (40kph) under water, but customization is possible to achieve higher speeds and depths, or even to increase the passenger capacity .

After some testing of the one seater version since early 2010, the SeaBird is officially launched in 2012.

Via Gizmag

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