Concept-cars and strange vehicles for 2012

In addition to the hybrid and electric models that will arrive on our roads in 2012, the year will also see several launches of concept cars, and the arrival of new modes of mobility or unusual/awesome vehicles:

Concept cars

We expected it for the end of 2011, but it will certainly be in Detroit that Tesla’s SUV, the Model X, will debut! For the moment no image has leaked…

Two sports hybrid concepts for Toyota with the NS4 and the Lexus LF-LC.


Honda will answer to these concepts by presenting a successor to the legendary NSX (only a rumor yet).


One last concept for Detroit the Smart pick-up called For-Us, a “country” Smart designed to suit the U.S. market.
Then let’s move forward to the Geneva Motor where Show Infiniti promised to reveal a concept of sports-car that will complement the expected launches in the coming years: the Etherea and an electric sedan planned for 2013-2014.


2012 will also bring the future of mobility closer, with amazing vehicles:

The development of the FlyNano is still ongoing and should lead to first production unit this year, as their prototype of E200 almost took off during its last testing.


As we announced on October 19, 2011, the first Ryno Motors will finally be delivered after long years of development.


Recently a new mobility concept emerged on kickstarter, the SpnKiX (electric motors for shoes) will also be part of the must-have for high-tech geeks.


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