Top 5 of our videos in 2011

It’s January 1st so let’s have a look back on 2011 with the most viewed videos of our YouTube Channel this year.

Now integrated to the toolbar at the bottom right hand of the screen, our YouTube channel is part of the site with new videos every week.

Here is a selection of the buzz videos of the year, five videos and over 132,000 views.

In the first place we find the Chameleon and connected concept car, the Toyota Fun Vii presented at this year's Tokyo Motor Show

Volvo V60 Plug-In, revealed in February 2011, this is the first Volvo hybrid, a diesel hybrid offering 4WD.

The concept of ultra-efficient vehicle VW XL1 was unveiled at the Qatar Auto Show in January  it is the evolution of the VW L1.
The XL1 is a hybrid diesel car with a 800cm3 for a combined consumption under 1l per 100km!

The DS5 HYbrid4, or the return to the top for Citroën with a new flagship. Dubbed DS5, a design beauty on the exterior and interior offering emissions of only 99g/km with the 200hp HYbrid4 engine!

We had found it for you in the U.S., the Gyro Gearloose of The Invenstist presented this year a personal mobility device called SoloWheel

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