Electric Motorcycles and pedelecs in 2012, the models expected ranked by price

After our guides on electric and hybrid cars, the year 2012 also promises to be rich in electric two-wheelers.
Sorted by price range


Orphiro (€ 39,000)
The Craftsmen electric bobber that was unveiled last July just won the Accenture Innovation Award in Holland last month. The developments are still underway, and the first production models should arrive later in the year.


Lito Sora (€ 30,500 converted or $ 42,400 CAD)
The first 5 units of this electric superbike are being built right now and we really look forward to finally see it in motion (green motion).


E-CRP Energica (€ 15,000)
Revealed at the Milan Motorcycle Show, this street legal sports electric bike has been developed by eCRP based on the experience gained with racing in the TTXGP Championship (latest evolution of the race bike: eCRP 1.4).
The Energica is based on the same technology, but embeds more power and more battery!

eCRP_Energica (3).jpg

BRD RedShift ($ 15,000)
Let’s go to the US now with BRD RedShift currently working on a range of electric motorcycles, a cross, a supermoto and a utility version ...

BRD_RedShift_Sm (2).jpg

Brammo Empulse (from € 10,995 to € 15,395)
The American brand will launch this year its first performance model an electric bike with 80Nm of troque and a 6-speed transmission with a clutch!

Brammo-Empulse-1 (2).jpg

Vectrix VX-3 (€ 12,000)
We were presenting the first images of Vectrix’s electric three-wheeler on November 10 at the EICMA Show, that announced its launch  for this year.

KTM Freeride E (€ 10,000)
The renowned Austrian manufacturer of motocross is finally releasing its series model (after two years of development) the first electric model for the brand which could quickly become the leader in the segment with an interesting price/performance ratio combined with the reputation of the brand.


Volta Motorbikes (7000-7500 €)
Our friends from Barcelona are on the way to production, the first models will be available in Spain in second quarter of 2012.



The French H-Ker will also reveal the final versions of their electric race bikes, a 22hp rental version created for race-tracks. And a full race specs version designed for the TTXGP and FIM ePower that will develop 100kW (136ch).


The year 2012 will also host the launch of some interesting e-bikes (pedelecs) with the arrival on the market of a major (car) manufacturer... Demonstrating the potential of the market...

Third Element (€ 4750)
After a powerful e-bike (eSpire) exceeding 50kph, Third Element offers a Pedelec (eSpire COMP) that we got the opportunity to try and that doesn’t disappoint: it offers the same sporty looks as the original model at a lower price.

ThirdElement_eSpire_comp (2).jpg

Voltitude (estimated price around € 4,000 to € 5,000)
The motorized Swiss Army knife is currently in its final stages of prototype and testing, for first units expected on the European market next year. 100% locally designed it will benefit from the expertise of engineers working on the folding electric bicycle for almost 2 years.

Voltitude - front.jpg

Gocycle 2.0 (€ 2999)
The second version of this foldable electric bicycle made in England will surely be as successful as its predecessor ...
GoCycle_G2 (4).jpg 
Smart eBike (€ 2990)
Presented as a concept at the Paris Auto Show in 2010 alongside the Smart eScooter, it is finally the bike that goes into production first with some first units expected at the beginning of the year.

Smart_ebike_2012 (2).jpg

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