The new Honda NSX Hybrid will be revealed at 2012 NAIAS

After some first images spotted on the stage of the movie “The Avengers”, little by little new information emerge about Honda’s new sports car that will feature an hybrid technology.

The new NSX, which shall be revealed in Detroit under the Acura badge (the high-end Honda vehicles in the U.S., same as Toyota and Lexus..) will be powered by a 3.5l V6 engine on the rear axle while two in-wheel electric motors will power the front axle. 
The result is a 400hp 4WD hybrid sports-car aiming at the 0 to 100kph in under five seconds.


The will be unveiled as a Roadster. A concept that is very similar to the EV-Ster (in larger) and confirms the production suspicions of the small Roadster unveiled in Tokyo this year.

A very interesting new concept-car that will face the Toyota NS4 and Lexus LF-LC concepts also announced for Detroit.

Via AutoExpress // Photos ZumaPress 
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