(VIDEO) Sim-Lei: the most efficient electric car is back

We were talking about it on April 3rd, 2011 with a range record set to 333km on a single charge.

The Sim-Lei was exhibited this month in Japan and here's a video that gives us the opportunity to learn more about the car and the ambitions of its creators.

The Sim-Lei is the result of a combined work of 34 companies that teamed-up to create a highly efficient vehicle. The result is a vehicle with original lines, straight out of a science-fiction movie…


Only 1.50m wide (excluding lateral protrusions on the doors) its wheelbase of 2.95m is similar to a sedan despite its stretched compact-car looks and allows to offer a large trunk.

Fitted with a 65kW (87hp) and 700 Nm motor, and thanks to its drag coefficient of only 0.19 (0.25 for a Prius) it’s range on a single charge is more than 300km, despite the battery pack whose size is equivalent to the one of a Nissan Leaf (24.5kWh)

Inside we find a 19-inch screen that integrates a rear-view camera, the mirrors have been designed to be at the legal minimum in order not to interfeer with the efficiency, and are supplemented by cameras.

Finally the car receives tires with low rolling resistance Bridgestone Ecopia.
The Sim-Lei will be mass produced and sold within 2 years, price undisclosed yet.

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