Hybrid cars in 2012, the comprehensive guide

After 2012 electric cars, let’s now move on to hybrid vehicles where sedans and station wagons are the biggest trend on the market.


The Yaris Hybrid is expected to arrive later this year. While the Toyota Prius C or Aqua isn’t planned for Europe the Yaris should use the same (very frugal) powertrain.


Offensive of the premium brands in the segment with a race on efficiency, some favoring emissions and consumption other performance.

First, the largest market market with the classics

The new Honda Insight updated and improved

The Prius, launched in plug-in version

The probable arrival of an hybrid Ford Mondeo –based on the Energi (range extender) or Hybrid technologies and previewed with the Evos concept.


But the main novelties are expected on the premium segment with luxury sedans offering responsible performances.

BMW ActiveHybrid5 (340hp for 149g/km)
Announced on October 10 with the launch the new 5-series, this hybrid version demonstrate the brand’s strategy and will with the extension of the hybrid vehicle range to smaller vehicles -before only the large sedan (Series 7) or SUV (X6) offered the ActiveHybrid technolgy.
The new hybrid engine is a Twin-Power six-cylinder coupled to an electric motor
BMW ActiveHybrid3 (340hp and emissions undisclosed for now)
The three series hybrid will make its world premiere in Detroit before a launch expected later this year (or maybe in 2013 ...) it will be based on the same engine as the 5 series and should provide equivalent or lower emissions.
BMW_ActiveHybrid5 (3).jpg 
Audi A6 Hybrid (245hp to 146g/km)
Audi’s hybrid sedan will not be powered by a 6 cylinder but a 2.0TFSI 4 cylinder turbo nonetheless emissions do not show a significant reduction ...


New Audi A8 Hybrid (245ch to 148 g / km)
Even the A8 receives the 2.0Turbo engine and offers great environmental performances for its size.


Currently no hybrid version of the A4 or A3 (despite the e-tron concept) is officially announced but it is expected to arrive soon to compete with the ActiveHybrid3…

Two hybrid Mercedes E-Class -E300 BlueTec Hybrid and E400 Hybrid- have been announced for Detroit, but we do not have a confirmation of their launch in 2012, but the E300 BlueTec Hybrid (diesel) will be reserved for the Europe and the E400 Hybrid for the U.S… 
Note that Mercedes will be the only manufacturer to offer a diesel hybrid in this segment.


Lexus GS450h (343hp for 137g/km)
Here is the long-awaited return of the pioneer of the hybrid technology in the premium segment (and most likely the reason for the excitement on this precise segment) with a vehicle that announces a performance/emissions ration hard to beat...

Lexus_GS450h (2).jpg


Second effervescent segment with the sedans, estate cars and minivans, most of them are diesel hybrids and offer 4WD transmission.

The much-anticipated plug-in hybrid four-wheel drive which whose price (€ 57,000) was disclosed a few days ago will be available for next year.

Volvo_V60_Plug-in_Pure_Edition (2).jpg

DS5 HYbrid4 (99 g / km)
The DS5 which receives a unanimous welcome and promises to be a commercial success will also be offered with HYbrid4 technology (diesel hybrid).
This technology HYbrid4 will also be fitted on the Peugeot 508 RXH Hybrid4 (and 3008 HYbrid4 which is not exactly a novelty, but whose first units should arrive early next year).


The first hybrid models from Ford in Europe will be the C-Max Energi and C-Max Hybrid, however, while their launch in the United States is planned for 2012, Europe will have to wait for 2013 ...



Although not officially announced, the public's enthusiasm about the Jaguar C-X16 should push the brand to put the vehicle into production soon...

JAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid (4).jpg

While a production version of the BMW i8 should point the tip of his cap before a launch in 2013

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