A 1917 Detroit Electric 68/17B for sale

This is the third edition of our find of the week, this week we go retro with a 1917 Detroit Electric! That changes from the race and supercar that we presented before.


This Detroit Electric 68/17B was built in 1917 by Anderson Electric Car USA, road legal, its electric motor develops 7kW or 10hp. It was restored in 1988 to be used as an advertising vehicle.

Much more affordable than the Columbia Electric Landaulet sold for $ 550,000 in August (see our green classic articles) , it is proposed at € 65,000 (the vehicle is in germany), after a little cosmetic (especially a good cleaning) and new batteries that old lady should look like the one in the video below...

Detroit_Electric_1917 (2).JPGDetroit_Electric_1917 (2).JPG

Here is a link to Wikipedia’s article on Detroit Electric if you wish to explore the manufacturer’s history

The car is located in Germany click here to contact the dealer
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