SCOD E-Max SM45: faster and greener than Wally, the fastest hybrid tender in the world

We already came across few amazing concepts from Sauter Offset Carbon Design but most of them are unlikely to see production… But this month they announced a new boat that is most likely to go into production.

Sauter Carbon Offset Design developed the first solar hybrid tender, with two V6 TDI CMD matted to a GM Allison Hybrid transmission for a total power output of 900ch! This carbon-epoxy tender will be built by Ned Ship Group and offered at € 645,000.


Allison GM technology is proven, it is used in hybrid buses, the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid and the S-Class Hybrid!

The whole hybrid powertrain weighs the same as its internal combustion equivalent (like the Rhea Marine that we presented on ...) with a consumption decreased by 40%!

The E-Max SCOD SM45 has an electric only mode that allows it to navigate at 25Knots, electric motors are then powered by a Valence 32kWh battery.

Rolls Royce FF waterjets are taking care of propelling the luxury tender combining performance and safety, as the combined torque of the diesel engines and electric otors promises breathtaking acceleartions ...

The automatic variable transmission selects an optimal rpm up to the max speed of 80knots (55 knots cruise speed) instead of 50knots for the Wally Tender 45...

The E-Max 45 also receives 4kW of photovoltaic cells SunPower Solbian Hybrid. It welcomes 10 people seated and 4 additional on the sunbeds. Night excursions are also possible thanks to a twin bed and a fully equipped kitchenette ...

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