Toyota Aqua the compact hybrid launched in Japan, record consumption and affordable price!

Toyota launches officially the Aqua (Prius or C depending on the country) in Japan today and announces final data on the vehicle. This car will be the people’s hybrid and volumes scheduled by Toyota are another evidence 12.000 units per month in Japan only!


This compact hybrid announces consumption from 2.82l/100km (JC08 cycle) for the "L" version that is available from 1,690,000Yen or € 16,600 at today’s exchange rate!

A new record of consumption, however emissions are not released yet but they should also be surprising...

Its 1.5l petrol engine develops 74hp and 111Nm, it is coupled to an electric motor of 61hp and 169Nm, offering a combined output of 100hp and a 0 to 100kph in 10.7 seconds.

Second generation of Toyota’s hybrid technology, THSII with reduction gear and featuring the EGR (Exhaust-Gas Recirculation) technology, that redirects exhaust gazes to the manifold reducing emissions, the direct competitor of the Honda Jazz Hybrid take-on the technological lead of Toyota and could disrupt its career...

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