Electravia ElectroLight2: first tests of the electric motor glider

This is not the first time that we present the company Elelctravia, they presented the Luciole MC30E but also electric paragliders and hang gliders.


Here is their latest creation, an electric ultralight called ElectroLight2, it has been tested for the first time with a 20 minutes flight, this Wednesday on Sisteron’s airfield where the company is based.

Technology demonstrator, it receives a 26hp electric motor developed by E-MOTOR, silent propeller E-PROPS and a specifically designed dashboard called E-SCREEN that records flight data.


The ElectroLight2 is available with three battery packs from 2.3 to 5.55kWh, the largest pack an announced range of 1h45 with a 3000 ceiling and a 100 to 150kph cruise speed.

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