(VIDEO) Suzuki concepts at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show 2011 video (Regina, Q-Concept, Swift EV Hybrid...)

Let's start with the most amazing, the Q-Concept, a 2 seater micro-city car in the wake of the Renault Twizy, more tangy and with an interesting door opening cinematic, we appreciate the swivelling seat that eases access to the front seat and the dashboard hosting a Smart Phone.

Do not rely on its retro look, the Suzuki Regina -foreshadowing a model that could go hunting on the lands of the Fiat 500 with its cool and sweet look- is a concentrate of technology, on the inside with its streamlined dashboard and a touch-screen digital board computer, it is powered by a three cylinder engine.

Then comes a novelty that is not really one, but remains important as it highlights the developments of the brand. Despite a third name change that blurs the tracks, the Swift Hybrid EV shows that the Japanese brand continues its research in the development of a compact electric vehicle with range extender. No details or release date yet.

Then we move on to the two wheelers with the e-Let's an electric utility scooter

Finally we end with Suzuki’s hydrogen scooter, the Burgman Fuel Cell

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