(VIDEO) Kaipan 16: The eco-friendly -but sporty- 1.2TSI Czech Roadster

After presenting a prototype of the electric Roadster Kaipan Voltage a few days ago, the small Czech manufacturer innovates again in search for the best balance between performances and ecology.

Founded in 1991 to produce replicas of Lotus Seven -thus avoiding the hassle of import-six years later, in 1997 the Kaipan 47 was officially revealed ... Kaipan now produces about 40 vehicles a year but wants to break the image of kit vehicles manufacturer that remains.

Therefore they presented a completely new vehicle, the Kaipan 16 which has been introduced at the Brno Motor Show. Let’s forgive the Skoda Fabia front lights which, on the upside, are well intergrated to the body and much harmonious in real...


The 1.4 fitted to the previous versions has been abandoned in favor of a Turbo 1.2l developing 77kW (105hp) and 175Nm for a combined fuel economy of only 5.4l/100km. This engine allows a 0 to 100kph in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 189kph, thanks to a weight of only 825kg! The Kaipan 16 now meets the Euro 5 standard.

It is available from 499,000 CZK or € 19,534 at today’s exchange rate

About the electric Kaipan it is a vehicle designed with the Technical University of Ostrava, but for now not much information is available apart from the video below.
A range extender hybrid version is also in development, it will be dubbed Kaipan Tension.

Running tests of the Kaipan Voltage
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