NAIAS 2012: two hybrid E-Class (E300 BlueTEC Hybrid & E400 Hybrid)

At the Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes will introduce two hybrid models, one petrol and one diesel.

Although the green credentials of the petrol version are poor, those of the diesel version fitted with the BlueTEC technology (some of the emissions are re-burnt in the exhaust) provides emissions of only 109 g/km!

A figure which places it very close to PSA’s -HYbrid4 technology that announces 99g/km and 3.8l/100km for the 3008- while it provides 15% more power in combined mode.

E-Class 300 BlueTEC Hybrid:
Its 2143cc 4-cylinder develops 204hp and 500Nm of torque, combined to a 20kw (27ch) and 250Nm electric motor. 
It receives the panel of efficient technologies with the Start-Stop and regenerative braking, thus reaching a consumption figure of only 4.2 l/100km for emissions of 109g/km, while the 0 to 100km/h takes only 7.5seconds!


A vehicle that despite its U.S. debut has been designed for the European market where it is expected in 2012.

E-Class 400 Hybrid
The E400 Hybrid is closer to the characteristics we already know on the S400 Hybrid (in worse!).
In summary it is not especially green compared to the hybrid sedans of the category (Infiniti M35h - BMW ActiveHybrid5 - Lexus GS450h and Audi A6 Hybrid) which are all at least below 170g/km with equal powers and sometimes even higher.

The E400 Hybrid is fitted with a V6 that offers 306hp and 370Nm, and is combined with the same electric motor (28hp and 250Nm), for a consumption of only 8.7l/100km and emissions of 206g/km.
Why so wrong? Here’s the answer, for the moment it is announced only for U.S. and Asian markets where regulations are less binding…


Both cars get the 7G-Tronic gearbox and a 0.8 kWh Lithium Ion battery

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