(VIDEO) Demonstration of Renault’s R-Link tablet

At the conference LeWeb’11 that they were sponsoring, Renault presented their latest infotainment system, a tablet that will be fitted to the future Clio and the Zoe.

Before we let you discover it in the video below, here are some of its features:

-7 inch screen (18cm), operated by voice command, touch screen or with a scroll placed on the steering wheel.
-Connected to the vehicle, your phone and internet, this screen is a portal designed to make your life easier.


-It gives you the ability to add applications using the R-Link Store which will offer 50 applications from its launch. 
-Renault also launched a call for developers to offer other apps, of course, a TomTom application will be available.


All these features should be offered at an "unprecedented” price.

As you can see, R-Link it is not exactly a tablet, however its works the same way, a bit like the system that will be offered be the Tesla Model S expected in late 2012 in Europe.

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