(VIDEO) London’s new range extender bus is greener than ever! (Routemaster hybrid)

We were talking about it on November 11, 2010, the first copies have just been delivered to the City of London.

For a price increase of only 10% (£ 330,000) London’s new bus is aiming to become an icon again, with a look inspired by the original Routemaster, this doubledecker is highly eco-friendly! 


Despite its 17.9-ton, up by almost 45% compared to the Gemini2 hybrid currently in circulation in the city, its announced fuel economy is listed at 23l/100km, 30% improvement over the previous generation while emissions are down by 35%.

Its 4.5l Cummins Turbo Diesel engine is used as a generator, it powers an air compressor for the brakes and steering, and the75kWh battery (only when necessary) that drives the Siemens electric motor delivering 174hp a peak torque of 1844lb. ft (2500Nm)!

The generator is programmed to operate at an optimal revs never drives the wheels in direct... Its seating capacity is the same as the Gemini2 hybrid, 87 people.


Add to that an interior deeply redesigned and based on Wrightbus years of experience, and you get a bus ready to conquer the heart of Londoners.

And here it is in motion, during test phases

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