(VIDEO) Juicer 48V the V-Twin e-bike

Let’s go back in the early hours of motorcycling, with the 48V Juicer drawing on early Harley Davidson and Indian models.

emotorbicycle_v-twin_Juicer_48V (2).jpg

Many times I dreamt of a powerful electric bike with a vintage look, bringing a little soul and style in the e-bike industry… It looks like David Twomey read my mind!

After a first emotorbicycle creation based on a beach bike, the 36V Cruiser, which had initiated the V-twin position for the battery packs… 

emotorbicycle_v-twin_Juicer_48V (2).jpg

David raised the bar and offers the Juicer 48V, more powerfull and achieved: a rusty look, vintage fork and horn, the "tank” hides the controller, while the (LiFePO4) batteries are using the V-Twin typical position for combustion bikes…

Craftsmen made, in his garage (and living room), David Towmey’s Juicer is just a prototype for the moment and therefore, it has no price ...

Not only beautiful, the 48V Juicer is also performant and announces -in electric only- a 77kph (48mph) maximum speed and a 21km range (13 miles) at 32kph (20mph).

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