(VIDEO) Brammo Empulse to get the six speed IET transmission!

The Empulse is the highly anticipated sports model of the Oregon-based brand Brammo that develops electric motorcycles since 2010.


A story started with the Enertia, conceived as a functional vehicle with nice design and respectable performances, an electric motorcycle that received a very enthusiastic welcome, as Brammo was at the time (and still is) the only manufacturer to sell a nice looking affordable electric motorcycle!

Quickly things accelerated for Brammo, thanks to the know-how developed with the Enertia and by putting components to the test in the TTXGP championship, Brammo decided to create a more bike that would focus on the driving pleasure, the Empulse was born  (July 2010 article), and barely a year after they presented a series of electric cross bikes the Engage and Encite.

Announcing the launch of their motocross, Brammo also formalized a partnership with SMRE Engineering who provides a 6-speed transmission called IET.

At the Long Beach show held last week, Brammo revealed a pre-production version of the Empulse (available from 2012) and announced some changes: 
The Marzocchi fork and Brembo brakes of the Empulse are also used on the Ducati 848... And it is now fitted with the IET 6-speed transmission and a clutch!


Brammo founder, Craig Bramscher, is clearly willing to achieve its objective:
"Our goal in the long term is to create a bike that is bike of the year, not just electric bike of the year," 

Via LA Times
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