Autolib already has a competitor in Neuilly (MonAutopartage by MOPEasy)

Paris carsharing initiative was planning to develop over the surrounding cities and had already started to develop in Neuilly, but the city also chose to experiment an alternative.

After a launch in Marne la Vallée MonAutopartage settled in Neuilly, this electric car-sharing service is operated by MOPEasy.


Launched at the beginning of the week, seven vehicles are available -3 Peugeot Ion and 4 Reva- in 5 stations.
MonAutopartage is a service that tries to highlight a greater simplicity of operation (and less expensive for the local authority and user) with a code that gives access to a keybox. The service also allows to choose between two types of vehicles, including the Reva quadricycle for short trips.

The subscription that includes two drivers and one hour of travel is priced at € 29.90/month, the additional hour costing between € 5 and € 7 depending on the type of vehicle.

Users can subscribe online or by phone. On the downside compared Autolib (but that should facilitate the management of the service), vehicles must be returned to the initial location. The use perimeter of the vehicle is limited to a radius of 12km.

Interviewed on the compatibility of the two services, the Mayor of Neuilly answered that the testing of these services will give a better picture of user behavior, the possibility to compare, and choose the best solution ...

Video is in french

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