1280km: new record for an electric vehicle in 24h! (Electric Citroen AX)

An electric Citroen AX modified by the CEA Liten has traveled a distance of 1280km in 24 hours!

This record has been achieved by alternating driving sessions of 1h25 (105 to 115km depending on traffic) around Grenoble, and 38 minutes sessions to charge the batteries.


A team of the CEA Liten specializing in electric vehicles has equipped the Ax with a 14kWh LiFePO4 battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate), to prove the reliability of this technology (which also offers a large number of cycles). This electric Ax only weighs 900kg.

The purpose of this record was also to test the batteries under heavy use, to show their viability for taxis and delivery services for example. The CEA has had no problem with overheating: the battery never exceeded the recommended maximum temperature of 60°C (52.5°C recorded in peak)

The previous record had been set by Dutch students in the second quarter of 2011 with 1254km.

Via CEA Liten

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