This year, Santa will drive an Opel RAK e

Opel has revealed an original video with a young Santa tagging a garage door, with an high-tech sleigh next to him Opel’s beautiful electric microcar revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

A silent sleigh will surely ease Santa’s work, however a RAK e driving in the city might generate quite a lot of crowd.
Opel also reveals new information about the vehicle (its weight) which, according to the latest information (October 13th article) could be produced for a price between € 10,000 and € 12,000.


It offers a speed of 120kph with a weight of only 380kg. The sexiest "three-wheeler” (its shape is closer to a three wheeler than four with its two close rear wheels) even seduced Santa Claus, or more likely it is sneaker denim successor.

No more lazy reindeers and old seat of the sleigh, Santa Claus this year chose a more minimalist vehicle, modern and zero emissions.

I do not know if I really imagine Santa Claus driving the RAK e but for sure, Opel’s electric microcar appears on top of my christmans list...

Find the genesis of the vehicle in the video below
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