(VIDEO) Volvo reveals the price of its plug-in hybrid: € 57,000 for the V60 Plug-in Pure Edition

Volvo has just announced the price of the limited edition Pure Edition, which announces the launch of the world’s first plug-in hybrid diesel.

Before the production starts in the fall 2012 for first deliveries in scheduled for November, Volvo will releases a first series of 1000 vehicles that will be fitted with the luxury Summum trim.

Presented last February at the Geneva Motor Show this hybrid estate is the most advanced Volvo ever built.

The versatile V60 Plug-in may, upon request, be as green as performant with its full electric mode and combined mode with up to 285hp in four-wheel drive ...


The V60 Pure Edition will receive the color "Electric Silver" with black leather upholstery contrasting with "Blue-Grey" wood. While 17-inch wheels and specific body parts will perfect the exterior look.

The V60 also offers a SmartPhone application and a LED on-board computer, for the first time this Volvo receives the D6 badge. Its turbodiesel 2.4l 5 cylinder delivers 215hp, mated to a 6-speed automatic, it can be associated with the electric motor providing an additional 70hp.


In the Hybrid drive mode, the V60 Plug-In offers emissions of only 49g/km for a fuel economy of 1.9l/1000km and a range of 1000km (50km in electric only).

A similar offer was launched by the Peugeot with 3008 HYbrid4 with RXH, and it paid off, with hundreds of units sold in a few days, therefore Stefan Jacoby (President of Volvo) is probably right when he announces:

"There is immense interest from the markets. We are convinced that the first thousand cars will be sold even before production gets under way next autumn," 

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