(VIDEO) A Vanhulsteijn at the RedBull MiniDrome

Yesterday took place the first Red Bull Mini Drome in Paris, this event already took place in several cities in Europe and quickly became one of the essential events of the fixed gear scene.

All kinds of bikes were there, from racing bike to freestyle ones and a number of bike courier. The short track isn’t very wide with not much more than a meter in the straight sections, it is hard to stay in the Drome once you reached speeds of 20kph, therefore we deplore some bruises and broken teeth despite mandatory helmets ...

Participants have three laps to disover the track before they start 10 laps timed.


Before a better video which will be posted in the next few days, here is an overview of a lap with a member of TechVehi’s editorial staff on its Vanhulsteijn.

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