Dock+Go by Rinspeed, the range extender trailer for electric vehicles

Take an electric Smart and put it in the hands of Frank M. Rinderknecht, the founder of Rinspeed, and is here is the result... The Dok+Go to be presented in Geneva this year.

Yesterday morning, Smart revealed the For-Us an electric pick-up designed for the Detroit Auto Show, Rinspeed went further by giving to the For Two six wheels on three axles, and an extra cargo volume: a backpack for Smart as M. Rinderknecht says.


You simply dock it to the back of your car, and the Dok + GB can transform your city car into an utility with specific fonctions depending on your needs, but mostly it can feature a range extender for the Smart Ed thus allowing longer journeys. Called Vario-Hybrid, this technology, can be powered by a combustion engine used as a generator or via a fuel cell.

This solution could be adapted to a lot of electric cars, but is presented here on a Smart which is a particularly appropriate vehicle…

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