Detroit 2012: Smart For-Us, the electric pick-up designed for the U.S. market

Smart understands that they have to adapt to the customer’s needs and uses, to get some market shares in the US. 

Therefore, for the Detroit Auto Show (from January 14th to 22nd) they decided to present a concept designed specifically for the United States, a recreational Smart with Pick-Up looks.
With 3.5m long, the Smart for US is 80cm longer than the For Two but 15cm shorter than the Bolloré BlueCar.

This practical and functional urban pickup can accommodate two Smart ebike and recharge their batteries.
The rear view is operated via a camera.

It uses the powertrain developed for the Smart ED –already in its third generation-55kW (75hp) for 130 Nm, the maximum speed is 120kph and it is fitted with the same 17.6kWh battery pack.

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