Efficiency: Valeo buys an electric supercharger technology (CPT)

Valeo announced today that it has acquired, CPowerT’s VTES (Variable Torque Enhancement System) technology.

This supercharger is based on an electric motor and not the exhaust gasses unlike classis turbochargers.
It has very low inertia and offer a much faster response time, very effective at low rpms it will help supporting the engine downsizing trend with more efficiency.

Combined with energy regeneration systems it could deliver emission reductions of up to 20% for a "competitive cost".

“We are very pleased that CPT’s VTES business is joining Valeo,” commented Valeo Chief Executive Officer Jacques Aschenbroich. “This vibrant, innovative company, backed by an impressive bench of talent, has demonstrated its ability to develop highly effective solutions for reducing CO2 emissions. With this acquisition, Valeo confirms its unique position in CO2-reducing technologies, in line with the Group's strategy."

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