(VIDEO) Nautic 2011: Flyboard by Zapata Racing the €5000 JetLev Flyer

We mostly introduce green vehicles and novelties but we also have some room in our news for fun and innovation (Non Identified Vehicles) when it worths it...

This applies to the “non identified vehicle” we discovered on the Paris Boat Show today.

More than a year ago, the JetLev Flyer was introduced, for the record it’s an aquatic JetPack that allows you to fly above the water, a dream come true but not really affordable, with its price over € 100,000.

The company Zapata Racing based in the Bouches du Rhone, near Marseille, built until then Race JetSkis that took away a few World Champion medals...

Franky Zapata, water sports enthusiasts wanted a new challenge, he developed the Flyboard that he tested himself for several months.

This system is easy to install on a jet ski, beginners can learn with an instructor that controls the throttle from the JetSki.

Nautic2011_FlyBoard (3).JPG

Attached to a platform with shoes similar to snowboarding ones, a high flow of water derived from the JetSki turbine propels, you can stabilize thanks to two nozzles placed on your arms, they use 10% of the thrust.

Compared with the conventional use of a Jet Ski, the Flyboard is more economical as it is easy to have some fun without pushing hard on the throttle…

The Flyboard is available from now, three versions are available, the base model at € 4900 with the accelerator operated from the jet, then, comes the option that integrates controls from the Flyboard at €900 more, and finally in 2 to 3 years they will market an autonomous FlyBoard (prototype tested now) that will replace the JetSki (idem as the JetLev Flyer), its price still depends on the prototype developments.

Nautic2011_FlyBoard (3).JPG

The FlyBoard can be fitted on any JetSki with a power over 100hp (150hp is recommended in order to reach the maximum height of 8 to 10m)

We made an appointment for a test when the sea will be a little more welcoming at the second quarter of 2012, we will keep you posted...

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