(VIDEO) Electric Jaguar E-Type by Green GT, more than 200 kph! (124mph)

We discovered this rare beauty during the E-Sivretta Rally last July.

At the time very few information was available: 150kW of power and 200km of range… How could we not be desperate to know more!!

So, today is a big day! We got some news and a video to prove the car’s specs sheet…
Since July, it also appeared in the RAC Future Car Challenge and is currently exhibited at the Essen Motor Show, which closes in just a few days, on December 4.


The video shown below offers more detail and shows whose wizard is behind this conversion and with Green GT in charge of the electrification there is no doubt on the abilities of this vehicle.

Here is the proof in motion with the Windreich E-Type on the dyno.
Windreich also support the development of the electric glider Arcus E

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