PSA: inauguration of the 3-cylinder production line (EB)

Announcing the launch of series production, PSA revealed yesterday, during the inauguration of the production line, more details on their three-cylinder engine called EB.

Two versions :
-EB0 1.0l Vti 68hp and 95Nm which emits 99g/km
-EB2 1.2Vti 82hp and 118Nm which emits 104g/km


Compared to existing engines they offer fuel savings of 8 and 25% respectively and weight reductions of 25 and 21kg.

This engine is based on no fewer than 52 patents and already meets the Euro 6 standard, mandatory from 2014.

To try these engines we will have to wait the first models of Peugeot 208 available in February and May.

Par Technologic Vehicles
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