Toyota Aqua by Kanji Auto Works (Fun Concept)

While the production version was revealed in Asian premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota’s new model -although very strategic for the brand- is not gathering a lot of attraction in the middle of all the futuristic concepts presented by the manufacturers.

Industrial partner of Toyota, Kanji Auto Works has decided to of offer some make-up and spice Toyota’s compact hybrid with a body kit, redesigned lights and rims.


The orange version receives a light tuning while the yellow one gets a more aggressive one.
The Toyota Aqua dubbed Prius C outside of Asia will compete the Honda Jazz hybrid ...

Besides these two models was also presented an interesting concept, sort of a Japanese hybrid Rolls Royce, the FS Hybrid Concept... Unfortunately almost no information is available on this model and its powertrain.

Kanji_FS_Hybrid_Concept (2).jpgKanji_FS_Hybrid_Concept (2).jpg
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