Govecs electric scooters now available in France

We had already spotted this brand in Germany. Their work already got rewarded by two titles "E-Scooter of the Year" for the GO! S2.4 and the "eCarTec" price for the GO! S3.4

At the inception of Govecs, we find Thomas Grübel formerly from E-Max, he decided to take this challenge nearly three years ago, starting his own company from the experience he had.
In France he can rely on their distributor Bruno Garin. M. Garin is no stranger in the two-wheeler or electrification market, being the founder of Mobiky! 
In other words, we can expect great things of a such collaboration.

Govecs_Go_S (3).jpg

Govecs pays a lot of attention to their products and checks every stage of the production process, they design and build most of the parts in-house: even the wheels and disc brakes!

We got the opportunity to test their scooters at the Pairs Moto Show they offer a stable and nice handling, with an interesting torque from the start, the throttle management is well programmed and responds frankly in curves at low speed providing good sensations.

The entry-level, Govecs GO! S1.2 (3490€) announces a real life range (which we'll be happy to check) of 50 to 60km, this model should represent most of the sales for the brand.

Govecs_Go_S (3).jpg

The 1.2 gets a Green Saver silicon battery (which penalizes its weight of an extra 15 to 20 kg), while the batteries of the 2.4 (5730€) and 3.4 (6830€) are manufactured in-house from Panasonic cells.

Public oriented GO! S series is available in utility version, the GO! T which has been introduced this year.

About novelties, Mr. Garin announces that Govecs is working on a scooter with a removable battery pack to be launched in 2012 or 2013.

With almost 3 years of operation Govecs has a good knowledge of its products and positive customer feedback, in France, the network is bound to grow, but already has a dedicated and experienced customer service.

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