ek'O by Citi Technologies a electric scooter built with bio-composites

Citi technologies presents on Paris’ Motorcycle Show their innovative concept of electric scooter. Founded in 2009 Citi Technologies is a group specialized in industrial and manufacturing engineering.


They started from a blank page and completely redesigned the scooter’s structure to offer a new architecture exploiting the opportunities of bio-materials, it is based on flax, a raw material abundant in France.

The result is an architecture lighter and cheaper. The scooter uses only fifteen parts instead of 50 in average for a classic scooter, weight gain is about 20% and reduces costs, particularly in terms of body parts.


The frame consists of two bio-composite half shells that incorporate the batteries, this structure is apparent on the body and helps to limit the parts. This chassis is patented.

Citi technologies wants to use much local parts as possible, such as a wheel-motor developed by Phenix.
Another innovation, the swing arm is in one piece and made from injected plastic, it is also patented.

Ek'O offers an output of 11kW and 85Nm of torque, it is fitted with a 7.4 kWh lithium battery.
Its maximum speed is 110kph for a range of 100km, the charge takes from 2 hours (fast charge to 80%) to 6h30. Total weight of 173kg (75 from the batteries).

All for an estimated price below €5000 for a 125cc equivalent!

Supported by OSEO (French innovation program), if they manage to finalize some “under-discussion” industrial partnerships, Citi could sell the ek'O from 2013.
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