(Gallery) Green Cars at 2011 Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu

This is the second part of our virtual tour of the Tokyo Motor Show with a new series of manufacturers

Nissan: we introduced their concept-cars this morning revealing two main novelties, a Nismo kit for their compact electric vehicle, the Leaf and the concept Pivo3

Nissan_Pivo3 (2).jpgNissan_Nismo_Leaf.jpg

At Toyota’s the star is the Fun Vii concept, it almost overshadows the unveiling of the compact hybrid, the Aqua (Prius C in Europe) and the one of the FCV-R Toyota’s first hydrogen sedan, finally, you could also discover the FT-EVIII an electric version of the Toyota iQ...
Note that the GMRN Sport Hybrid Concept II was also displayed.

Nissan_Pivo3 (2).jpgGRMN2.jpg

Mitsubishi revealed the PX-MiEV II a plug-in hybrid SUV concept

Mitsubishi_Px_iMiEVII (3).jpg

And finally Daihatsu determined to get some attention with an interesting series of concepts announced on November 10th, here they are in pictures, the DX, the Pico, FC ShoCase and Mira.

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