Official : Honda CR-Z iCF, the Mugen Euro tuned CR-Z launched

While the 200hp Mugen CR-Z had been presented at Goodwood as a one off. It got such a critical acclaim that Honda decided to produce a version derived from it on the English market, it is called CR-Z iCF.


Its preliminary specs announce 175 hp, it is still powered by the 1.5l IMA, that keeps the three driving modes, but now features a centrifugal forced air induction system, charge-air cooler and induction system and a MUGEN Euro-mapped ECU.

The result: 3 seconds faster from 0 to 100kph (62mph) now standing at 6.1 seconds.
The first units will be available for the test-drive from Spring 2012.

No announcement has been made regarding a launch outside English borders for the moment. The price is £ 24,000 or € 27,996 at today’s exchange rate.
Par Technologic Vehicles
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