Lumeneo Neoma available in September 2012 for € 25000 (+comparative)

With a price very close to the Smera and a look that is clearly based on their first model (and that's a good thing) here is the Neoma, with its protruding wheels reinforcing the cockpit aspect of the body.
Lumeneo_Neoma_2012 (2).jpg
Lumeneo’s electric compact 4-seater was officially launched during the Mayors' exhibition which closed its doors last week. After a revelation from the concept at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, Lumeneo announces that it will be presented in pre-production version at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 before the start of production planned for September of that year.

Lumeneo will then have two mobility solutions, two electric vehicles with different targets, one a more dynamic and city oriented, the other more functional and versatile.

Based on the same technology (that helped reducing development costs) they are fitted with an engine specially developed in-house, weighing less than 30kg, it is composed at 98% of primary materials.

Sportier and more stylish than the Twizy, Smera is an upscale alternative to 3-wheel scooters.

Neoma, on the other hand fits between the Mia, with one additional seat and a better range, and the C-Mion team (C-Zero, i-MiEV and Peugeot Ion) with a sexier design, almost 500kg less and performance nearly similar thanks to a 14kWh battery pack instead of 16kWh for the trio. Vehicle comparison here
Good to know, Lumeneo has already begun to form partnerships to provide leasing solutions.

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