(VIDEO) Toyota Fun Vii: in 2020 mobility will be connected and customizable

etailing a little more one of the concept cars announced on November 15th, Toyota has revealed more information and a new image of the Fun-Vii that they will present soon at the Tokyo Auto Show.

The Fun-Vii concept is a 4m vehicle (presumably electric eventhough no information is given on its powertrain) which hosts three passengers.


Expression of the slogan "Fun to Drive again" this vehicle opens the door on the dream and pushes customization to the maximum.

The interior and exterior can be customized simply “just like downloading an app”, every driver can display images according to their mood and also post messages to communicate with their environment.

The vehicle connects to a specific network to bring you the latest updates available and offer new features and customization. The vehicle is intelligent and can interact with its environment and avoid some collision.
The navigation system works via augmented reality.

The Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors in less than a week so stay tuned for updates  & 

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