(VIDEO) Yo-Auto's gas/electric Crossover at the 2012 Dakar?

We discovered that their design was evolving at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a concept car affirming an original identity, but were expecting an update on the development of their powertrain and mostly a proof in motion, as Prokhorov’s natural gas hybrids launch is scheduled for next year in Russia...

As part of the Yo Tour in Russia -aiming to introduce the new national automotive icon- which took place this weekend in Moscow on the Red Square, a prototype that could participate in the 2012 Dakar has been revealed.


Based on the Crossover, for now its specs haven’t been revealed but if Yo Auto gets enough supports from the public, they will take the challenge and join the OscarEO and Tim Coronel's electrified vehicles which will compete in the 2012 edition.

Here are the new videos available (previous one erased)

The car could drive either in 100% electric mode

Or with its Methane fed combustion engine
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