(VIDEO) H-Ker, a French company develops two race electric motorcycles (ePower)

Yesterday, in an interview with Adrien Huille, communications manager for H-Ker we have gathered exclusive informations.

The company H-Ker has been created a year ago, from a meeting between Francois-Xavier Huille and Yves Kerlo that has a 30 years experience in racing and endurance. They decided to take a new challenge: develop a racing electric motorcycle, that would participate in the FIM ePower and TTXGP Championship.

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Supported in this initiative by the FFM (French Federation of Motocyclism), H-Ker started from a blank page with the Drive Motion powertrain technology, an engine that already powers Sodikart’s STX electric kart designed specifically for the ERDF Masters Kart.

From their head quarter in Chartres, they develop a high-performance electric motorcycle that is lighter than its competitors thanks to their experience in racing. 

During the development, it quickly seemed obvious to H-Ker that they needed to develop two bikes:

A recreational one, non-officially nick named “Luciole” (Firefly), more than just a bike, it's a project. H-Ker aims to provide to race tracks fleets of those bikes so they could diversify while offering an activity more respectful of the environment and without noise. It will receive a 22hp motor for a total weight of 125kg.

The second development is more extreme, fitted with a 100 kW electric motor (130hp) and built for race, some of the best French pilots (still secret for now) would ride it in the electric motorcycles championships. This version might receive a 6 speed gearbox actually tested in the prototype, total weight is expected around 200kg.

Still in prototype phase, those real technological laboratories will evolve in terms of design and chassis including the arrival of a triangular JBB “fork”, which in addition to superior driving qualities, should allow better cooling to the parts of the bike, including batteries.

H-Ker_Luciole (4).jpg

Adrien promises an original final design, matching their advanced technological choices.

The launch of the recreational version is expected in March-April next year.
In the medium term a third version (intermediate) of 46hp is also "seriously considered"

Here is a video of the prototype testing in Le Luc, France

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